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VRS204 – The Future of the Vacation Rental Business with David Angotti


Learn how to build a blueprint for operations and marketing!

This year’s VRMA National Conference was the biggest yet. Over 1400 property managers convened in Orlando for 3 days of networking, education and technology inspiration, and we had a lot of fun.

I was privileged to spend time with so many industry influencers, movers and shakers, and meet up with a lot of old friends, and make many new ones.

This conference seemed different from previous ones and I wasn’t sure why until I shared my takeaways with my friend David Angotti that I realised we’ve reached a kind of tipping point. As Steve Milo put it, if you embrace new technology and appreciate we’ve turned a corner in this industry and need to adapt to the changes, you may as well sell up and get out.

In answer to the question, ‘Is there a future for property managers’ the answer was ‘Yes, but not all of them”.

I sat down with David Angotti of Smoky Mountains.com for an in-depth discussion on what inspired us (and what didn’t) over the course of the conference. We talked about the general sessions; some of the breakouts we attended and explored the best and newest in technology and products in the Supplier Showcase.

You’ll hear:

  • David’s take on the Keynote by Airbnb co-founder Nate Blecharczyk and what he felt was the significance of it.
  • Why Home Away’s effort to control pricing in the market is a predicatble move and what the implications are.
  • The reason you lose the right to complain when you choose not to develop your own brand.
  • How 70% of bookings coming from online booking channels today and what you need to do to reduce that for your own brand.
  • Why focus on content, photos and long-tailed keywords could keep you in business.
  • How repeat business and remarketing are the key to survival.
  • Who Steve Milo’s ‘lipstick on a pig’ comment referred to.
  • How to create a ‘protective moat’ around your business.
  • Why we should feel optimistic about Vacasa’s latest round of funding.

And much more……..

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  • Thank you Heather & David. That was fascinating, sometimes an hour just isn’t enough.

  • What a blast! So many insights from VRMA shared by David Angotti and Heather Bayer. This one warrants a really close listen and action. Super excited by these tips and ideas guys. Thank you so much. I’ve now 12 tabs opened that need a closer look, gonna be a late night here in the Eastern Med! Best, Andy

  • Celine Girard

    Heather & David – fantastic podcast. I agree with Terry, 1h is not enough! You both rock!

  • Thank you Heather and David top episode!

  • Matt Elder

    Great interview and interesting to hear the key takeaways from the conference. Never really understood the channel manager as a stand alone entity and thought the flashlight analogy was a curious way of looking at it.

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