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VRS080 – The 5 Most Important Elements of Your Vacation Rental Welcome Book

I go to a lot of vacation rentals – as a guest. The only time I ever stay in a hotel is near the airport before an early morning flight, or when I’m at a conference and want to be on-site.

Of course I’m ultra-critical just because I’m in the business, but I select carefully and am usually very happy with my choices. The one thing that is often disappointing is the Welcome Book/Property Guide.

I have high expectations particularly when I’m somewhere I haven’t been before. I want far more than a scrappy folder with out-of-date tourist information and scribbled notes, but that is often what we see.

And then owners tell me that no-one ever reads it anyway so why bother?

Well, you should bother and in this episode I tell you what I think are the most important elements in your Welcome Book. And…the best ways of delivering it.

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Here’s what I cover:

  • Why your guide needs to look good and ways of creating something special
  • The most important single page and the one that will get read
  • Where to put your emergency contact information and it’s not in the back of the book
  • What to put in the Quick Start Guide
  • The importance of a Table of Contents and Tabs
  • Where to put your appliance manuals
  • Why personal recommendations are so important
  • How to make your hospitality shine through
  • The alternatives to a paper manual
  • The PDF guide
  • Why Touch Stay could be a solution

Links to resources covered in this episode:

Podcast Movement
Touch Stay
The Evolution of the Welcome Book with Andy McNulty
Property Manager Tools
The Vacation Rental Welcome Book

  • Janet Bartoli

    Good podcast and some nice resources too! As a guest I have seen some pretty bad guest books, mostly outdated too. Anyone have a good digital guest book? We provide our vacation property managers with a great virtual concierge resource that you might find a little more “guest friendly”

  • Loved the decorative firewood story. Did you get caught?