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Hypnotic Language For Vacation Rental Emails and Listings

Hypnotic language book coverWouldn’t it be great if your potential guests came to your listing and felt compelled to book?

Imagine your guests being so mesmerised by the text you’ve used and the pictures you paint of the experience they will have, they fall in love with your place immediately?

Hypnotic Language for Vacation Rental Listings and Emails will show you how to create rapport with your enquirers and listing visitors so they feel an immediate connection with you, and then teach you how to use language to get on their wavelength.
Once you have by-passed their critical conscious mind and accessed the free-wheeling sub-conscious, then you can create a desire to stay at your home that is so strong, they may not be able to resist booking.

How can you do this? By understanding the way they prefer to communicate and responding with the same style of language; by using well-researched techniques of persuasion, and by creating a flow of words that hypnotically demands attention.

Why should you do this? Because your competition is using bland and boring text and you will be able to take your new skills to create exciting, desirable and powerful listings.

Now, do I have your attention?

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Vacation Rental For Profit Guide to: Property Management

Do you get frustrated with your property management or cleaning company?

Does it seem impossible to find the right person who sees your vacation rental business like you do?

Are you tired of retraining someone to get it right every few years?

Have you spent hours upon hours doing the turnovers yourself and realize that your free time is being consumed by your VR business?


If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is the perfect download to help you find the right person or company to live up to your standards and how to get them to maintain those standards. [Read more…]

25 Ways to 5 Star Reviews

5_star_reviewsReviews are the icing on the cake of your vacation rental business. You might have all the best ingredients, the best methods and have created the most amazing end product but it is the icing that potential guests see first. The reviews that guests leave about your property and vacation rent business will lay the golden path or the torny trail for other potential guests to walk down before booking with you.

There are many opportunities for you to provide the most outstanding experience for your guests from the booking process, right through to the post vacation follow up. We have come up with 25 of the most valuable points to help ensure you get those 5 star reviews and build a following of raving fans who come back, again and again.

Welcoming Pets

DSC00050When you decide to accept pets you are taking a small risk they will cause some damage or leave additional cleaning for you. This is a small risk since we’ve found that most pet owners are very grateful to find a property that will permit them to bring their pet and usually treat it with great respect. The Pet Pack helps you offer a real welcome to pet guests and includes our unique pet letter. This may not guarantee all your four legged guests will behave well, but goes a long way to encourage their owners to ensure they do.

Sample Quick Start Guide

welcomemat_lg.jpgWe always advocate providing an in-depth property guide for your vacation rental guests but we have found that most guests do not both to read through it all. To combat this we have developed a Welcome Quick Start Guide for guests that has a few important points to get them started.

This document is left is a prominent spot in the property to be easily found upon arrival and is also included in the guests pre-arrival packet. The goal of the QSG is to emulate what we find in the packaging of many products we purchase today that can seem very complicated to assemble and begin using (smart phone, Tv, printer etc). It breaks down the very simple problems and questions that many arriving guests can encounter in their first hour at the property.

This sample is the one we use in one of our properties and we would like to provide this to you to use a template for your own guide. We have provided 2 files in editable format for you to download. One is a Microsoft Word File and the other is a Page for Mac file. This should provide an easy to use format for all our readers.

Please review the sample PDF here.

Please comment and let your friends and social media contact know about this great resources to help your guests acclimate to your property and make their experience effortless.

FAQ Primer

faq_lgNo matter how comprehensive your web site or listing is, your potential guests will have questions they want to ask. Often, the answers are already on the listing!

Most owners have experienced the frustration of having to respond to emails with information that is already shown on their website. From the perspective of someone looking at your listing, they have probably visited dozens of vacation rental sites and looked at hundreds of listings, many of which don’t provide the information they are looking for.

To make things easier, prospective renters will compile one list of questions to ask, and mass email it. The temptation is to tell them to look at your listing where they will find what they are looking for but a better way of connecting and getting them to convert is to create a PDF list of frequently asked questions and additional information and send that, along with a friendly note.

If you liked this download and have some questions or comments please share them in the comments below. Also feel free to share this download with friends through the the social media buttons below.


Vacation Rental Property Audit

vacation property checklist

Before starting to rent, and at least annually after that, it’s important to check everything in and around the property to make sure it’s safe, spotlessly clean, has no defects, and is in complete working order. Carrying out a thorough property audit can unearth all sorts of deficiencies that you might not have thought of, and indeed may not feel are worth worrying about, either in terms of cost or time and effort. This checklist is an invaluable resource to ensure you don’t miss a thing!