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VRS209 – 20 Ways to Guest Proof your Vacation Rental

You can have the best guests in the world but accidental damage will still happen. Things get spilt, knocked over, misplaced and sometimes damaged beyond repair, simply because your guests haven’t the time to get comfortable in a new space. When people congregate in unfamiliar surroundings they don’t have that awareness of space they have […]


VRS208 – The Luxury Vacation Rental Niche with Ryan Liebentritt

When you rent properties to the likes of Mark Cuban and Katie Perry and have properties that can command up to $250,000 per week for the Superbowl, it’s clear you have a good grasp on the luxury market. We often see the words ‘luxury’, ‘executive’ and ‘high-end’ used in listing text, often to describe what […]


How To Attact New Owners To Your Vacation Rental Management Company

Regardless of the size of your company, getting new owners is a challenge. With the larger OTAs claiming they can do what we do, it’s getting tougher to convince owners that doing it themselves is more than posting a listing and waiting for guests of customers to arrive on their doorstep. If property owners are […]


Vacation Rental Success Summit – What’s It All About?

Until the spring of 2016, there were few venues where vacation rental business owners could get together and talk about their vacation rental businesses, hear from a range of industry experts and network with fellow owners, managers and suppliers, free from the influence of the major listing sites and continues sales pitches. Before then, Homeaway […]


Looking Back And Planning Ahead For Vacation Rental Success

The end of a busy vacation rental season always comes as a huge relief. Instead of 150+ emails a day, there are less than a few dozen; the phone rings less incessantly, and there’s much more time to reflect on what went well, and what we could have done better. Now the hard work is […]


VRS205 – Do You Say No to VRBO? With Annie Switzer

Just 18 months ago, Annie Switzer was, in her words, a model VRBO user. She complied with everything they required including online booking. For that she was rewarded with being one of the first to have traveler fees attached to her rental quotes. Resistance was futile, she explains, as her arguments posted on the Home […]


Getting Started in Vacation Rental Property Management

There were over 1400 attendees at the national 2017 Vacation Rental Management Association Conference in Orlando – the largest gathering of property managers in VRMAs history. What struck me the most was the diversity of companies, with representatives from the largest – Vacasa in particular – to individuals who had less than five properties under […]


VRS204 – The Future of the Vacation Rental Business with David Angotti

This year’s VRMA National Conference was the biggest yet. Over 1400 property managers convened in Orlando for 3 days of networking, education and technology inspiration, and we had a lot of fun. I was privileged to spend time with so many industry influencers, movers and shakers, and meet up with a lot of old friends, […]


VRS203 – Vacation Rental World Summit Review with Antonio Bortollotti

Fresh from his successful Vacation Rental World Summit in Florence in September, Antonio joins me to reflect on the event, the networking and educational content. Antonio owns a property in Sardinia that he talked about in a previous episode, and has drawn on his experience as an owner, to build the Vacation Rental Secrets brand. […]

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