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VRS210 – How to Create a Great Lead Magnet with Jason Beaton

In episode 206 I spoke to digital marketing expert Jason Beaton about the importance of growing your email list. We discussed the issue that impacts everyone – how difficult it is to get people to give up their email address. Without that essential piece of information, it’s tough to start a book-direct campaign. Growing your […]


VRS209 – 20 Ways to Guest Proof your Vacation Rental

You can have the best guests in the world but accidental damage will still happen. Things get spilt, knocked over, misplaced and sometimes damaged beyond repair, simply because your guests haven’t the time to get comfortable in a new space. When people congregate in unfamiliar surroundings they don’t have that awareness of space they have […]


VRS208 – The Luxury Vacation Rental Niche with Ryan Liebentritt

When you rent properties to the likes of Mark Cuban and Katie Perry and have properties that can command up to $250,000 per week for the Superbowl, it’s clear you have a good grasp on the luxury market. We often see the words ‘luxury’, ‘executive’ and ‘high-end’ used in listing text, often to describe what […]


An Interview with A Vacation Rental Industry ‘Sage’

This industry is full of lovely people. I guess it’s because we are grounded in hospitality and creating great experiences that we are generally nice to each other as well! I have a long list of favourite VR folks, and if you’ve ever met or corresponded with me, you are probably on it. I don’t […]


Thought Leader Spotlight From Abode PR

There have always been challenges and threats to our vacation rental industry from the outset. It wasn’t that many years ago when Home Away introduced live reviews and the outcry could be heard across the planet. How would it be possible to allow people to post a review without a home owner checking it first […]


How To Attact New Owners To Your Vacation Rental Management Company

Regardless of the size of your company, getting new owners is a challenge. With the larger OTAs claiming they can do what we do, it’s getting tougher to convince owners that doing it themselves is more than posting a listing and waiting for guests of customers to arrive on their doorstep. If property owners are […]


VRS207 – Growing Your Vacation Rental Business With Video With Matt Landau

I’ve interviewed Matt Landau of the Vacation Rental Marketing Blog and the Inner Circle numerous times over the past few years, and he never fails to deliver excellent advice on managing our businesses better. On many of those occasions, Matt has mentioned how important video has become in the marketing mix – to the point […]


Vacation Rental Success Summit – What’s It All About?

Until the spring of 2016, there were few venues where vacation rental business owners could get together and talk about their vacation rental businesses, hear from a range of industry experts and network with fellow owners, managers and suppliers, free from the influence of the major listing sites and continues sales pitches. Before then, Homeaway […]


Looking Back And Planning Ahead For Vacation Rental Success

The end of a busy vacation rental season always comes as a huge relief. Instead of 150+ emails a day, there are less than a few dozen; the phone rings less incessantly, and there’s much more time to reflect on what went well, and what we could have done better. Now the hard work is […]

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